Build An Army

Compete in epic battles with hundreds of units who use weapons, magic and tactics to turn the tides of war. Every class of unit has a role and set of skills that makes it unique. It's up to you to decide which ones will be the most useful in each situation.


Equip Powerful Items

Equip your army with items that provide small bonuses to your units and increase their effectiveness. Alternatively, you could use items that require manual activation to provide higher bonuses in short bursts. Over time you can strengthen your equipment, making it more powerful, which customizes the way your army will be composed.


Discover The Secrets Of Hendrika

Over a hundred years ago the Sorcerer Kings cast a powerful spell that ripped the Kingdom of Hendrika off the ground. Now, the Sorcerer Kings are gone and the Kingdom has fractured into a number of smaller nations. Magic is widely regarded as a dangerous force of nature, responsible for spawning the magically-gifted ändras or driving a man mad. Peace is a flimsy thing to the new nations of Hendrika. Some fear magic and ändras as demonic things, while others embrace them as a part of life, but things are never as straight forward as they seem.