What makes “Shadow Heroes: Vengeance in Flames” different from other RTS games?


We kept looking at games that were thoroughly popular and found the common denominator to be “simple and fun”. The Real Time Strategy genre has great potential to reach the masses of gamers, but never truly


Every week, we'll be giving overviews on different aspects of the game in the form of Dev Blogs. Make sure to keep an eye on our site and learn everything about Shadow Heroes. If you have comments, concerns, or even suggestions, we would love to hear from you in our forums.


If you have not


Fan Expo Canada logo.svg

It is once again time for one of Toronto's largest fan conventions, Fan Expo Canada. This year, a portion of the development team will join the tens of thousands of eager fans looking to meet their favorite celebrities, try out new games and buy cool things.


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The Shadow Heroes Website is now Live!

Welcome to the fantastic realm of Hendrika and the world below. From this web portal you will be able to manage your accounts and in game purchases as well as access the forums. We have taken this opportunity to hide a few easter eggs around the site for the