Early Access And Things To Come

It’s been a while since I’ve written a post, however, today I have something interesting to share. Shadow Heroes is getting ready for Early Access on Steam! Currently we are developing our tutorial system to help new players learn some of the game mechanics as well as adding some new abilities to the existing commanders. Here are some of the things you can look forward to:

Multiplayer out of the gate

While we have a basic AI in place, It’s not the most challenging thing out there. That’s why we focused on multiplayer instead. Challenge your friends, or strangers, to see who is the best and slowly rank up.

Active and Passive Items

This has been a big part of the design for Shadow Heroes. We wanted people to have access to both types so they can play according to their activity level. This means you don’t need to perform 300 actions per minute to be good; it doesn’t hurt though.

One Game Mode

We are currently launching with one game mode: 1v1 Commanders. In this game mode you are in control of one unit that influences your other units via auras, has access to powerful abilities and can move around the battlefield. The goal of this game mode is to eliminate the enemy commander. There will be three commanders to choose from at first with 5 more planned for the future. Expect additional game modes in the future!

Item Progression

As you win, items will be acquired as rewards. These items can be equipped to your units for an increase to their stats. You will gain a lot of items in Shadow Heroes, that’s why we provide a way to combine them into more powerful items. Equipping items on your units greatly influences how you will play. There are a lot of strategies out there, each with their own counter, so you will have to think about what your enemy might do and have a plan for their demise!

Weekly Updates

At least … that’s the goal! The past few months, we have been trying our best to get weekly updates up for Shadow Heroes private testers. For the most part this has been successful with the odd week missed due extenuating circumstances. We plan on continuing this in the future for our users. For more information on how we can release weekly builds see our Development Process post.

That’s a basic overview of what to expect. We will be updating more and more as we get closer to the launch date (which we will confirm at another time). Sign up for the Alpha for a chance to get a testing key and participate in our multiplayer tests coming up soon.

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