Hud Design and Iterations

Hey guys, Alex here, I wanted to take some time and walk you through the elements of our current HUD layout. I have numbered some of the elements on the HUD and will explain them in further detail below.


  1. Mini Map
  2. Unit Detailed Stats
  3. Player Item Inventory
  4. Selected Unit Stats
  5. Game Details
  6. Available Units




Mini Map

Our Mini Map currently has some pretty basic functionality, it will be displaying units and split the teams in red vs blue. When playing against the AI, the player will always be red and the AI will always be blue.

Unit Detailed Stats

This section will be populated based off of every unit you have at your disposal in the current mission. Using this section, you will be able to see your unit stats as well as equip them with items found in the QL section by dragging and dropping on the appropriate slot. If the item provides a stat boost, you will see the appropriate changes in the stat section (in order of top to bottom: Max Health, Defense, Damage, Range, Attack Speed, Movement Speed). Each one of the equipment slots (marked Lv1 through Lv5) will unlock the more you use a specific unit during combat. This unlock is persistent throughout games you play (this may be changed to be relevant only during the game played based off of player feedback, but for now that’s the plan).

Player Item Inventory

Every item that a player will find while playing the game, gets populated in here during every match. You will be able to combine items into better ones either on our website or before a match. This goes for every item, whether acquired in single player matches or multi player matches. The more you play, the more options you will have. Every item is split into 11 quality levels, from QL0 to QL10, where 0 is the weakest and 10 is the closest thing to “godly” version of that item and extremely hard to get through item combination. You will be able to stock up to 99 of any one specific QL. Always keep an eye on your inventory and quantities, because any amount that would go over 99, gets lost. Each time you use a QL item to equip a unit, the amount will decrease from the stack, but you will always get them back at the end of a match. The only way to permanently consume an item is through the combination system.

Selected Unit Stats

Whenever you select a unit (like the Exorcist in my case) you will notice their current stats as well as any item they may have equipped. Scrolling over the equipped item will show you the item description, and in case the item grants a specific ability (any active item, no passive items will grant abilities that require you to activate manually) it will also show you the area of effect on the ground. We also took a different approach to health bars on units, if you will notice, the circles around their feet represent their health. They are invisible as long as their health is full, but go from green to red as they take damage (this may change in the future, based off of player input, or could be just another option that players would have access to).

Game Details

Only four things to deal with in here, from left to right we will have Wave Timer (how long until the next spawn of units on both sides), Army Supply (based off the map, the amount of units hired will vary, this will greatly influence the units you hire as you will not be able to purchase more than the supply allows for), Bank (how much money you have, this is spent on equipping units with items as well as hiring troops to fight for you) and finally Income (every troop you hire, gives you a specific amount of income, units that are very powerful will give out more income). Every second of game time, the wave timer and bank get an update. Bank will automatically increase by how much income you have.

Available Units

If you’re playing story missions, this list will automatically populate with the units that you have at your disposal for that specific mission. In multi player games, you will have access to all units, allowing you to create your custom army out of all possible units. Each unit is split into a Type as well as a Class. The types are: Light, Heavy, Support. The classes are: Ground, Assault, Air. An Exorcist would be Light Ground. Each unit will have a price associated to it (chest icon) as well as an income (coin icon). To hire a unit, your bank must have more than the required price. After successfully hiring a unit, that unit’s income will be added to your own.


If you have any questions, comments, concerns, let us know in our forums and I will address them as soon as possible.

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