Major Update

Hello Everyone,

As many of you know, we strive to put out updates every week. This lets us react to your comments very quickly, which we believe improves Shadow Heroes. I’m happy to announce that our next update will be our first major update since our Early Access launch. In it we plan on adding a new game mode that will put your defensive skills to the test against an onslaught of enemies.

In this new game mode you will face waves of enemies trying to break into Faircrown Keep. Your goal will be to hold out as long as possible. Doing so will reward you with new items every few waves (tentatively 5). Instead of building up leadership every second, like in 1v1 Commanders, you will gain a set amount each wave to recruit more units. You will be able to choose from multiple locations where troops will spawn in and at the end of each wave you will gain bonus leadership for each one that survived.

Proper unit composition and placement will be key in this game mode and we look forward to seeing how long you can survive!

With that in mind, we may need just a little more time than normal so we are postponing our update that is scheduled for Friday June 17 to instead be released on Wed June 22. This delay is so that we can focus on making this update as flushed out and properly tested as possible. We are excited to hear your feedback and would love to know what strategies you are thinking up.

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