Patch 0.2.12

New Features

  • Multiplayer Chat system now implemented
  • Keys can now be rebound in the options menu. (This currently requires a restart but we are working on that)
  • New Camera system that should feel smoother
  • You may now include your email in bug reports so that we can follow up with you and help solve your issues directly
  • Default graphical settings are now medium


  • Fixed a collision error on the tutorial that caused the fire pit to appear in the sky
  • Adjusted the minimap on Cave Entrance to show the whole map
  • Fixed an error that caused hosts to no longer see a new players joining if one had left the room
  • Addressed an issue where a client that loaded into a multiplayer game before a host will not receive a hud. They will now receive a hud after the host clicks ready
  • Collisions added to cave level so you can’t leave the map anymore
  • Added a deadzone to drag select so that is is easier to click on units. We also added larger collision boxes (for selection purposes) to units as well
  • Very easy difficulty is now selected by default instead of normal

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