Patch 0.2.13

New Features

  • Tutorial now has the same camera system as skirmish and multiplayer
  • Commanders are now able to walk through their own units, enemy units will still be able to surround and block them
  • Commanders now display their names in unit stats
  • Commanders skill tooltips have been improved with a more accurate representation of their damage and when it is dealt
  • A new battle progress meter has been added to provide a quick visual representation of the winning side
  • When units take damage, a health bar will now be displayed above their heads



  • Damage has been lowered from 15-17 to 5-7
  • Defence reduced from 1 to 0
  • Health lowered from 150 to 90


  • Hunter’s mark now reduces armor by 1 instead of 5
  • Hunter’s mark can no longer reduce defence below 0


  • Possession duration is now based on the amount of damage the spirit can deal. Every point increases the duration by 1 second so 10 damage would possess a unit for 10 seconds. This gives you a reason to put damage items on your spirits
  • Spirits will avoid trying to possess the same unit as another spirit
  • Spirits will no longer possess other spirits (because that was just silly)


  • Damage has been lowered from 17-19 to 12-15
  • Paladins now only regenerate health when out of combat


  • Attack speed has been increased from 1 to 1.5
  • Defence increased from 1 to 2
  • The Archangel’s radiant light ability will now trigger every 10 seconds and can be used while she is in melee range
  • The Archangel’s radiant light ability no longer has falloff damage. All targets will now take full damage


  • The Chanter’s Invocation buff will now increase defence by 2 instead of 1


  • Damage has been increased from 7-9 to 17-19
  • Defence increased from 0 to 1


  • Fixed a bug that required you to reload the game if you modified keybinds
  • Fixed a problem with fullscreen not being shown properly in options after being set
  • Fixed an issue with active items that increased health, now a unit that goes to 0 health after the effect wears off will properly die
  • Loading screen hints will now properly display the key that is bound to a specific action

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