Patch 0.2.5

New Features

  • Quick match now indicates it is searching for a match
  • Commanders now have ultimate abilities
  • Radiant Blast: Massive AoE damage around the archangel commander
  • Corpse Explosion: Units around the martyr commander gain the corpse explosion status. When they die, they explode dealing massive AoE damage. This effect lasts 60 seconds
  • Wish: All units around the Chanter commander gain immunity to damage for 30 seconds
  • The Chanter unit has it’s cost reduced from 250 to 175
  • The Chanter unit has received updated visuals for her invocation abillity
  • The Hunter unit was doing 4x damage. Her attack now does 1/4 damage each shot (4 shots)


  • Ground units have been renamed to Core units
  • Bank and Income have been renamed to leadership points
  • Removed a bug that caused status effects to stop working correctly when timing out

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