Patch 0.2.8

New Features

  • Tutorials now have an in-game menu that allows you to quit
  • During gameplay you are able to dismiss the in-game menu by hitting escape again
  • Mouse scrolling no longer triggers if you are hovering an ability or an item
  • Tutorial navigation beacon has been improved to be more intuitive
  • Tutorial now contains tracking arrows that show you where to go if the goal is not in view
  • Starting position for host and client should be at their respective commander location as intended
  • Modified equipped items during tutorial, you will no longer be able to win the second fight through luck
  • Tutorial arrows no longer go away after a period of time


  • Fixed a problem with the camera having the incorrect rotation on client machines
  • Fixed a glitch where tooltips would remain on screen when clicking on icons in the stats panel
  • Fixed a problem with sound sliders in options not applying the settings on save
  • Fixed a bug with tutorial that allowed you to skip steps by purchasing units
  • Fixed a bug with tutorial that allowed you to skip commander ability training by activating the auras instead
  • Fixed paladin shots, they are now properly dealing damage when at range instead of only while in melee
  • Fixed an item duplication exploit in Unit Inventory
  • Fixed a glitch in the tutorial that would allow you to keep spawning your commander if you went back a step
  • Fixed a glitch in the tutorial that would constantly spawn your first exorcist if you kept going back a step
  • Fixed a glitch that would not update floating text color properly on healing
  • Fixed a bug in the item tutorial that allowed you to skip crafting by equipping items instead of using them for crafting
  • Fixed a bug that would break camera movement if you clicked on a button while moving
  • Fixed various spelling mistakes and improved some of the instructions during tutorial

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