Patch 0.3.10

Greetings Captains!

As promised, the Onslaught game mode had an overhaul to use the new placeable mechanics that Commanders had this past week.

Speaking of Commanders, we’ve included a new addition to it this week! No longer will you have to fear for the life of your Commander, now, only the Altar matters. Each team will be responsible for defending their Altar from the enemy. Losing a commander will not bring about the end of the game, losing the Altar will.

In other news, we’re still hard at work on bringing you the first chapter in the story of Hendrika. The town of Faircrown is coming together piece by piece!

New Features

  • Onslaught game mode now uses the same spawning system as Commanders
  • Onslaught units can now be upgraded the same way as you could upgrade them in Commanders
  • Onslaught rewards scale with wave number
  • Placing a unit in Onslaught will not keep spawning it, you only get it once
  • Onslaught now allows you to sell a placed unit, you can’t sell units that have already spawned though
  • Spawning zones in Onslaught have been combined into one major one
  • Onslaught units will always return to their placed location, once spawned, that location cannot be changed
  • Commanders has been modified to no longer win or lose on commander defeat
  • Commanders now have an Altar that you must protect, destroy the ennemy Altar to win
  • AI Commander will choose to defend the Altar, will only run away if the Altar gets destroyed, who wants to stay around for that explosion :p
  • Victory or Defeat, units will now stop what they were doing


  • Selling a placed unit will no longer show you the actions to move or sell it
  • Fixed health regen, all items which implemented it now work again
  • Fixed a bug in the armory which did not allow you to upgrade a meta level if you had the exact amount it needed
  • Commander abilities were able to do damage to commanders, this was fixed
  • Fixed a bug that would place a copy of your unit outside of the map


How do you guys feel about the update to Commanders? What about the new equipment system?

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