Patch 0.3.2

Greetings Captains!

This week we focused on quality of life improvements based on the feedback we gathered from you guys.

New Features

  • You can now rotate the camera with Q and E
  • Zooming in all the way will now tilt the camera up a bit more to give you a better view of the battle
  • Hiring units is now done in a popup menu so you can hire units faster and with less mouse movement
  • Trying to hire a unit when you don’t have enough leadership will now show you an error
  • Game settings now default to fullscreen with medium settings
  • Improved pathing in Onslaught mode
  • Roshan has a chance of being selected by the AI in Commanders mode now
  • Enemy Wave will also display which wave number you are on


  • Fixed minimap issue on the Faircrown Bridge map
  • Next wave portraits will no longer get cut off on the bottom row
  • Corrected a glitch that allowed you to progress in the Onslaught tutorial without performing the required action
  • Fixed an issue that would erroneously display windowed mode in options if you were in fullscreen


Thank you guys for all your feedback thus far, we always appreciate it. Whether positive or negative, as long as it is constructive we can use it to make the game that much better! Always speak up to let us know what you like or dislike so that we know what to focus on.

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