Patch 0.3.3

Greetings Captains!

This week we’ve started a makeover for our game modes. We’re going to alter the way units are spawned. We will go away from the current random placement within an area and allow you guys to place them anywhere inside an area.

It is still too early to include that feature in 0.3.3, because we have not had the chance to test it thoroughly. Still, I’m confident you will all get to play with it next week!

New Features

  • New lighting for both Faircrown and Cave Entrance
  • Units that are not visible (due to trees, rocks or other things in the way of the camera) will now show you a silhouette of them at that location


  • Fixed surrender option during Onslaught to work with the updated Door
  • Commander names should once more show up
  • Units will once again be able to properly move on the bridge to Faircrown and should not get stuck on it
  • Fixed targetting on the bridge, you will no longer be able to target invisible walls


We’d love to hear your thoughts on the core gameplay of both Onslaught and Commanders. Is there anything you guys dislike or want to see improved?

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