Patch 0.3.4

Greetings Captains!

As promised last week, we have completed the new spawning system for all of you to try! Currently it is only available in the Commanders game mode, we’re working on converting Onslaught to use the same system next.

With this new system, you will no longer need to select a unit and then purchase it. The process now only needs you to select a unit, you will automatically purchase it as soon as you place it in a valid location.

We look forward to seeing screenshots of all your new formations!

New Features

  • New Spawn System for 1v1 Commanders
  • When spawning a unit you will be asked to give it a position to spawn at within your spawn area, this will allow you to create formations more effectively
  • Selecting a unit’s spawn location will now give you the option to move it or sell it
  • Commanders tutorial has been updated to reflect the new spawn system
  • Multiplayer Commanders has also been updated to work with the new spawning system


  • Fixed a problem with an invisible wall in Onslaught Tutorial that would block proper use of the cannons
  • Fixed an issue where if the AI had enough income it would build units faster than they could spawn resulting in it never spawning units again.
  • Commanders got some extra error checking


Let us know if there are any improvements you would like to see with the new spawning system, or any changes you are interested in seeing. We’re happy to listen and to talk about Shadow Heroes with you guys!

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