Patch 0.3.5

Greetings Captains!

This week we’ve been hard at work trying to get some proper audio cue’s in the game.

Our menu also received a new makeover, streamlining the process between the Unit Inventory and the Main Menu. Going back and forth between them will feel a lot more seamless.

With these quality of life improvements to the game, we’re now at a point where we can focus on getting the first chapter of the story implemented.

New Features

  • Audio feedback added to buttons, dropowns and checkboxes
  • Options screen now provides feedback when modifying sliders for volume
  • Hiring units will provide an audio queue to let you know the operation was a success
  • Trying to place a unit when you can’t hire one now gives you warning sounds along with the error message
  • Menu music now implemented
  • Transition between menu and unit inventory has been streamlined, load times when travelling back and forth should be greatly improved


  • Minor bugs and spelling mistakes taken care of


Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the sound effects and menu music!

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