Patch 0.3.6

Greetings Captains!

Continuing on the progress from last week, we’ve now managed to implement more audio cues throughout the game.

Next week we’ll start working on implementing items through the steam inventory. This will allow player trades and marketplace transactions for them. A full blog post will be available next week which explains the process.

We will also be starting work on implementing the first chapter of the story, we’re very excited about sharing the story of Hendrika with everyone!

New Features

  • Equipping items, slotting them or sorting them now have audio feedback
  • Decomposing items now plays a sound effect to go with the animation
  • Audio will now play when an item is ready for crafting
  • Success and failure when combining items now provide audio feedback
  • Shine, Ice Rain, Wild Growth and Fire Pit now have audio cues
  • Demigod visual size increased to make them more menacing on the battlefield


  • Fixed a dupe glitch in the item inventory
  • AI Commanders have their detection range increased, this will prevent them from cowering in the corner if they have troops


Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the sound effects and our future plans!

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