Patch 0.3.7

Greetings Captains!

This week we did a pass on optimization and pathing, there should no longer be units stuck on the bridge or that attempt to walk through solid matter!

As a new quality of life improvement units during Onslaught mode no longer drop collectibles, instead, leadership will automatically be collected when a unit dies. This will stop you from worrying about coins that could have fallen off the bridge and focused on building an impressive defense force šŸ˜‰

We’ve also begun work on implementing the first chapter of the story and continuing work new item system. Expect to see elements from both in the upcoming weeks.

New Features

  • Updated the navigation radius of units on Faircrown Bridge to be smaller
  • Pathfinding has been switched over to navigation mesh for performance increase
  • Onslaught no longer drops collectibles, the loot is automatically collected by you on an enemy death
  • Overall performance increase with lots of units on screen


  • Fixed a new dupe bug that was created as a result of menu streamlining
  • Fixed a problem with Onslaught not updating the unit portrait if you tried to cycle through units while the purchase menu was up


With the story and item storage being reworked, which of the two are you guys most excited for?

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