Patch 0.3.9

Greetings Captains!

This week has been pretty busy, we’ve completely revamped the item system along with the Commanders game mode.

The biggest change you will be noticing is the equipment system. We’ve done away with the Unit Loadouts, no longer will you need to worry about your setup before a match. Placing a unit on the field now allows you to individually equip them by clicking the green +. You will then be prompted with a small inventory window which will show you: every Meta 1 item at your disposal, their cost, passive items being blue and active items being red. Clicking on any of those items will automatically purchase it using your leadership and assigning it to the first available slot. If you click on the slot that contains that item, you will be refunded the full amount you have spent on it. This will quickly allow you to try out various strategies during a game!

At the end of every game, you will no longer be awarded items, instead you will receive components. You may use components in the Armory in order to unlock higher tier meta items to be available for purchase during a match. Your progress with item unlocks will no longer be stored locally, so you will have access to all your meta levels so long as you use your steam account.

Next week we will be bringing those changes to Onslaught as well, so look forward to it!

New Features

  • Commanders game mode now has a general wave timer, all units will spawn every 30 seconds
  • Unit Loadouts are phased out as of this patch, they have been replaced with an equipment upgrade system
  • All your item unlocks and component gains are now stored through steam and are linked to your steam account
  • Finishing a game no longer rewards you items, you will now receive components
  • You can use components in order to unlock higher Meta levels to be available during game
  • Every unit placement now has access to an upgrade menu, click the + in order to bring it up
  • You can only upgrade an item up to the highest Meta level that you’ve unlocked
  • Filtering items both in-game and main menu will now show you all items which match any of your selected criteria rather than having to match all selected options
  • Item tooltips will now show you the max Meta level you have unlocked of that specific item type
  • Leadership cost for items is now also displayed on item tooltips
  • Slot restrictions have been lifted from all items, you may now equip multiples of the same kind for stacking bonuses
  • Selling any item from a slot will refund you all the leadership you have spent on it to that point, including upgrades


  • Fixed a positioning issue with text in the Codex which made it too close to the edge in some cases
  • Floating damage text now goes away quicker


How do you guys feel about the update to Commanders? What about the new equipment system?

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