Patch 0.4.0

Greetings Captains!

The town of Faircrown has come to life at long last. You may now begin your journey through the world of Hendrika and experience the first mission! The full game will span across 20 various missions which will vary in length and difficulty.

As you progress through the campaign, you will gain more knowledge about the world, its inhabitants and the various different aspects of gameplay.

New Features

  • New campaign area which shows all the regions of Hendrika<\li>
  • Mission briefing available for the first mission<\li>
  • New map added to the game, Faircrown city<\li>
  • New objective system available during story mode to guide you as required<\li>
  • Tutorials have been removed from the game, players will be introduced to game mechanics as they progress through the campaign<\li>
  • You are able to select the gates of Faircrown keep in order to view their name and health information<\li>


  • Fixed a minor backend error which triggered if armies tried spawning in Onslaught without equipment on<\li>


What do you guys think about the first mission? Were you able to defend Faircrown keep successfully?

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