Patch 0.4.1

Greetings Captains!

We have started streaming our process and development this week and we thank everyone that has turned up to watch us breathe life into this technomagical world of ours. We will continue doing so next week and possibly even raffle a copy of the game to one lucky viewer! Join us at:

This update brings forward the second campaign mission where Armas tries to remove the Free Spell rebellion from Faircrown once and for all!

Part of this wonderful new update comes a huge change to Commanders. You will now be able to summon new Commanders during gameplay using the Altar. You may only have one of each type of commander though. They also decided to do things their own way now, so they will no longer listen to your orders, instead they will lead troops as they see fit, allowing you to focus more on the battle and how your army should be equipped for battle.

New Features

  • New story mission available, stop Free Spell from getting back into Faircrown through the Farmlands
  • Campaign progress is now stored on steam the same way as your item unlocks
  • Going to the campaign map screen now properly sets your position based off of the last successfully completed mission
  • First story mission was modified to provide more instructions during the mission and letting you know where Free Spell will attack next
  • New cutscene type implemented for voice overs (without voice over for now … )
  • Commanders game mode now gives you the ability to purchase commanders from Altars, maximum 1 of each may be hired
  • Commanders are no longer controlled by players, this was one of the last changes required to make sure the game was more of a battle manager
  • Commander abilities now hurt other commanders and bases
  • You can still control the auras on your summoned commanders
  • Journal entries are now available for each mission you have completed inside the codex
  • Whenever codex entries get updated, you will see a popup to represent that
  • Ice Rain damage went down from 25 per hit to 20 per hit
  • Shine damage went down from 150 to 75 per hit, the cooldown was reduced from 7 seconds to 5
  • Radiant blast ring damage went down from 50 to 25 per hit
  • Corpse Explosion damage went down to 125 from 300, the range on the explosion increased from 250 to 300


  • Changed the colors of the arrows on the campaign map to show the yellow when highlighting instead of when clicking
  • Units will no longer erroneously go to another waypoint
  • Units no longer stop before moving in to attack
  • Onslaught will now properly show you wave bonus as it comes in
  • Doors to the keep in first story mission were moved back a bit


How do you guys like the changes to the Commanders game mode now?

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