Patch 0.4.2

Greetings Captains!

This week we’ve been hard at work on getting you the third mission of our story which would finish up the first Chapter. There is quite a bit that needs to go into this update and we can’t wait for you all to play it as soon as it’s done. Look forward to this update next week!

Todays update brings you another item and ability type for items! Devils Whisper will be the first item introduced to the game which offers your troops life leech. Equipping this item will allow your units to gain health based off of damage they are dealing.

Until next time!

New Features

  • Altars now appear on the minimap
  • Granary and Bridge now have their own portraits
  • Granary and Bridge now appear on the minimap
  • New item added: Devils whisper, it gives troops who equip it life leech
  • Journal entries in the codex will now display each entry in an easy to read format
  • Units in the codex now display their default stats
  • Commanders are now available in the codex


  • Fixed an issue that would not save your progress to steam for the second mission
  • Fixed an error with attack speed, the numbers were erroneously truncated
  • Fixed an error with movement speed, the numbers were erroneously truncated
  • Fixed stun duration not showing any items if selected in the filter list


What do you guys think of Devils Whisper?

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