Patch 0.4.3

Greetings Captains!

After a very long week, filled with fun times and *grumbling* horses … the final part of chapter 1 is available for you guys to play through. Stop the Free Spell terrorists from trying to escape to the neighboring country of Aylmar Reborn! Failure to do so will not bode well for Faircrown in the future. There is still work to be done on this mission, but this is a first look at it.

We will also be working on improvements for all of chapter 1. That will include improvements to conversations and instructions during the levels. We want to make sure our captains are fully prepared for all that Hendrika will throw in their path.

Until next time!

New Features

  • New story mission available, prevent Free Spell from escaping Faircrown and crossing the border into Aylmar
  • Story mission selection arrows have now been brightened up on the campaign map
  • Units will no longer spawn in battle if your side has over 150 of them already on the field (does not affect Onslaught, only Assault and Commanders)
  • Conversations have been upgraded to display the text one word at a time instead of all at once
  • Units mentioned during a conversation will be shown in purple
  • Improved the conversation for the first story mission to include better hints on how to place units


  • Vengeance buff no longer stacks, dealing more damage than previously intended
  • Ranged units will no longer try getting into melee range while attacking
  • Commanders will no longer use skills on dead units
  • Corrected a problem that set your highest completed mission incorrectly in game
  • Spawning units message no longer cuts out on the HUD
  • Fixed two action buttons not returning to normal if you selected a template unit then decided to purchase a unit
  • Several back-end fixes


How did you guys like the third story mission? What do you guys think about the Timed Assault game mode? Anything you would change?

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