Patch 0.4.4

Greetings Captains!

This week was mainly dedicated to improvements and polishing. We’ve still got a ways to go before everything is complete, but we’re getting there!

We also reached a decision to migrate to the latest unreal engine version in order to improve optimizations!

New Features

  • If units go behind obstacles, you will be able to see their silhouette through objects
  • Wagon in the third mission is now easier to select
  • Units in timed assault now have equipment set to them
  • Made improvements to first mission to show where the east, south and west gates are during the first tasks
  • Chanter invocation area of effect has been made slightly more transparent to be able to see units better
  • Campaign Map is now complete with proper points of interest
  • Updated the Game Engine to the latest Unreal Engine 4.13
  • Various additional optimizations


  • Fixed a bug with codex journal entries, they were playing behind the codex and were being hidden by it
  • In-game conversations will no longer stack if another one is already playing
  • Cannons now display their ability in the HUD again, this was un-intentionally removed
  • Loading story progress from steam now works properly
  • Fixed a bug that allowed you to upgrade an item for free if it was locked
  • Fixed a problem with cherubs killing altars instead of healing them
  • Fixed units going through solid objects, they aren’t incorporeal after all :p
  • Fixed a grammar mistake during the second mission dialog
  • Story mission 2 and 3 now allow you to Surrender properly


What do you think of our updated map? What about chapter 1 of the story?

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