Patch 0.4.5

Greetings Captains!

After lots of tinkering under the hood we managed to increase efficiency with units being drawn on the minimap, while at the same time boosting the AI’s ability to calculate enemies in range. This performance increase is only the first of many to come.

New Features

  • Selecting a unit will now show you which unit is selected on the field, green is friendly, red is enemy while yellow is neutral
  • You can right click and drag on the campaign map in order to see more of New Hendrika
  • Points of interest on the map now have a glow around them when the mission is in that area
  • Improved the first mission with pings on the minimap for points of interest, like the location of the east, west and south gates during the first 3 tasks
  • During the first mission, you will no longer be allowed to start wave 2 and 3 unless you have completed the tasks as they show up
  • Second mission now has a minimap ping for the bridge conversation
  • Added more AI optimizations in an attempt to make the game smoother with a lot of units on the field
  • Optimized minimap points, this was accounting for some of the lag when presented with lots of units
  • Optimized the spawning of units to take into consideration units on the field after every units that gets spawned, making sure only 150 exist on the field for each team


  • Fixed the spawn area in the second mission to no longer allow you to spawn exorcists in trees, you should not be allowed to decorate trees
  • Fixed a problem with tooltips getting stuck on screen if you clicked and dragged a unit button on the HUD
  • Removed a tooltip which was no longer in use on the top of the HUD, this was sometimes getting stuck on screen for no reason
  • Fixed some of the navigation problems with the navmesh, units should once again be able to go around buildings and edges much easier
  • Reduced the particle count on the exorcists attack animation


Out of everything we’ve featured so far, what has been your favorite?

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