Patch 0.4.6

Greetings Captains!

Finally, the moment you’ve all been waiting for is upon us. We have modified the way the AI system works to drastically reduce game thread calls. This means the glorious 300 unit battles will perform much better.

If you happen to run into any problems, please make sure to make an ingame bug report or post it on the discussion boards. While we do test our builds before giving them out to you guys, it’s hard to account for every possible action our players take 🙂

New Features

  • Mission 2 in the story has had the enemy troops limited to sending out a maximum of 5 chanters and 5 cherubs per wave
  • Updated some of the system messages during the multiplayer lobby setup to give hosts a better idea of the status of the lobby
  • Quick buy will now allow you to trigger the selected template unit Move function
  • Quick sell now allows you to sell a selected template unit
  • Various minor improvements


  • Multiplayer has been fixed to show the commander select screen at the start of game
  • Multiplayer units will now properly accept placement in their respective zones
  • Altar explosions now show for clients during multiplayer games
  • Players on separate teams no longer have the ability to use the opponent’s team altar to summon a commander
  • Unit equipment has been fixed for multiplayer, a client will be able to equip their units with their unlocked items
  • Status effects are properly being shown to all connected clients
  • Auras properly trigger and change during multiplayer games for clients
  • Onslaught modes now properly show the unit selection when you have a unit selected
  • Fixed in-game chat system, it will no longer disappear for no reason without the ability to get it to come back
  • Go to commander hotkey is now fixed for Commanders game mode


How many units were you able to get fighting each other? Show us your massive battles!

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