Patch 0.4.7

Greetings Captains!

At long last team battles have finally made an appearance. Multiplayer matches can now be played with up to 6 players. Each side is able to have up to 150 units on the field for battles, allowing for up to 150vs150.

Several improvements have been made on the backend which should help with load times as well as some of the units not being able to move. If you find any problem areas, please report them using the in-game bug submission form.

New Features

  • Selecting multiple units and pressing the hotkey for their active items will now trigger all active items of that type in that slot for that particular unit type
  • Modified the waypoint navigation system for units, this should result in less units being stuck without having a place to go to
  • Units in onslaught mode will sell for full price instead of half price like they do in other game modes
  • Multiplayer is now available for up to 6 players with Team vs Team
  • In multiplayer games, the maximum number of units on the field is still 300, but it will be split across all players. For example if you have a 2v2 match, each player can have 75 units on the field. However, if you have a 2v1, the solo player will have 150 while the 2 get 75 each


  • Fixed an issue with ranged units using incorrect values for targeting, they will once more properly shoot from their full distance
  • Fixed a problem with victory screen being displayed incorrectly when more than 2 players were in a multiplayer match
  • Fixed an issue where some of the old assets had an invalid engine version which caused a slowdown when booting the game up
  • Cherubs no longer heal units who are at full health
  • Couple of back-end minor fixes


What are your thoughts on the multiplayer battles?

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