Patch 0.4.9

Greetings Captains!

With last week’s unit balance we decided to greatly improve the first two story missions. Split between them is all the knowledge you need in order to be a very successful Shadow Hero!

Next week we will be updating the Codex with a whole new help section. All game mechanics learned throughout the missions will be available in there for you to review.

New Features

  • New Exorcist textures and unwrap, he also got a new hair and skin shader
  • Minimap now has a north indicator
  • Unit Groups now have bindable hotkeys
  • Default skill hotkeys now changed from numbers to be alt+numbers
  • Spawn areas got a visual improvement so you can see the edges from every angle
  • Active and Passive items are now split up into their own groups in the Inventory
  • You can now equip multiple placed units at the same time as long as their equipment matches, shift+click on a placed unit to add it to the list
  • You can upgrade multiple placed units at the same time as long as they are in the list and have the same equipment
  • Tabbing through a group of units now splits them up based off of equipped items
  • Updated the second mission with a full set of instructions to get you through the tutorial
  • First mission now displays how many units are coming at you in the next wave
  • Fixes

    • Removed old hints from loading screen and replaced them with new ones
    • Unit stats at the bottom will no longer hide on resolutions smaller than 1280×720
    • Various minor bug fixes


    What do you guys think of the updated mission 2?

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