Patch 1.0.2

Greetings Captains!

We are so happy to have you all with us as we are no longer in early access! It has been such a long road, but, hard work and perseverance got us to where we are today.

One thing we’d like to remind everyone who wants to play multiplayer with their friends is: make sure that you don’t have steam in offline mode! Your progress along with everything you unlock and matchmaking is done through the steam servers.

This team of two developers would like to thank everyone that has supported us to get this far and we hope to see more of you enjoy the wonderful world of Hendrika!

New Features

  • Troops will no longer give up if the wagon just passed the bridge in the third mission
  • Commanders will always come protect your altar if troops are dead
  • Recalling a control group twice will move you over to the group
  • You may now set placed units in control groups as well
  • Control groups now have indicators on the HUD to show you how many you have in that group
  • The hotkey for ‘Go To Commander’ was renamed to ‘Go To Spawn Area’ and will now cycle you through all your available Preparation Areas
  • Selling a placed unit will now refund you all the leadership for the equipped items as well
  • Placed units now have a new option next to sell, auto group assignment. Clicking the button will automatically set the unit to that control group as soon as it spawns
  • Fixes

  • Fixed a bug with spirit possession. Particle no longer stays around after the effect expires and the units no longer run back to base after recovering
  • Fixed a bug that prevented anyone who was not hosting from upgrading their items
  • Fixed a bug with clients not being able to hear audio at the start of a game
  • Fixed a rare instance where the host client would crash at the start of a multiplayer game
  • Fixed a visual glitch that would tell you an item was maxed when reaching meta 10, instead of meta 11
  • Fixed a bug which would not allow a host to kick a bot once they set it
  • Mission 3 will now properly save your progress after you complete it
  • Fixed a problem with team colors not showing up properly on clients during an online game
  • Feedback

    How many here have finished chapter 1? What are your thoughts on it?

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