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Allied Games Inc.
Based in Mississauga, Ontario

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Early Access: May 20, 2016



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Shadow Heroes is a fast paced strategy tug of war game that can be played alone or with players from around the world. Compete in epic battles with hundreds of units using weapons, magic and tactics. Hire new units and customize them with items you have unlocked. Acquire the most powerful items and rule over the battlefield.

In Shadow Heroes, you play through a series of battles that escalate quickly and vary depending on your choices. Based on the game mode, you will have different objectives. In the Commander game mode, you must eliminate the enemy commanders who inspire nearby units with their powerful aura abilities. In Onslaught mode, you must defend the city of Faircrown from endless waves of enemy units.

Shadow Heroes progression system is based on items and load-outs for each unit in your army. There are two types of items: Active and Passive. Passive items provide bonuses to your unit's stats and in some occasions, abilities that the AI will use automatically. Using passive items is a great way to boost the overall effectiveness of your army without adding to your workload.

Active items on the other hand, only provide bonuses when you select the unit with the item and activate it. You may also mass select your units in order to activate those items for that specific group at the same time. These effects usually come with some added bonuses or additional control like being able to focus down individual targets. The down side is that they are a lot of extra work and are harder to use efficiently! If you are up for the challenge, they can really help turn the tides of a battle.

Every battle will provide you with components that you will use to unlock stronger items in the armory, making your units more powerful.


We kept looking at games that were thoroughly popular and found the common denominator to be “simple and fun”. The Real Time Strategy genre has great potential to reach the masses of gamers, but never truly bridged the gap to those who were not complete fans of this particular play style.

At Allied Games, we tried to bridge that gap. We wanted to make a game that everyone would be able to have fun playing regardless of skill level or game style. A lot of the time, you have to sacrifice things to make your game successful. That is one thing we did not want to do. The appeal has to be equal to everyone, whether you are a: casual gamer, hardcore gamer, competitive gamer, etc.

Unlike the traditional gameplay everyone is used to when hearing the term "RTS", we are trying a different approach. Many non-RTS players get overwhelmed by the amount of choices that go into a simple match. Do they focus on gathering resources? Do they focus on building up their army? What about researching technology? These are core elements that regular RTS players are so used to that they no longer think about. It has become instinct to them. As such, they will always have the upper hand if they were to play against someone less versed in the genre. Our approach allows both of them to play on a leveled playing field.

Trying to cater to everyone is no easy task, but it is something we are very passionate about. We are always on the lookout for comments, input, suggestions, or just plain talking about this project to us. Our goal is to bridge the gap and we will do everything in our power to make sure all gamers are able to enjoy the project we have poured our hearts and souls into.


  • Multiple Game Modes!
  • Online and Offline Play!
  • Customizable Unit's Equipment!
  • Fast Paced Action!


Shadow Heroes: Vengeance In Flames - Onslaught Mode YouTube

Shadow Heroes: Vengeance In Flames - Early Access Gameplay YouTube

Shadow Heroes: Vengeance In Flames - Story Teaser YouTube


Awards & Recognition

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"Sounds intimidating already"
- Cryptastic, Gamerz Unite

"A neat RTS for adventurous strategy fans"
- Alexandru Dulcianu, Softpedia

About Allied Games

Allied Games is an up and coming videogame design company that creates fun and competitive games for PC. We seek out exceptional individuals from around the world to help not only build but design our games. We believe that everyone should have a say in the design process, from an entry level artist to an 8 year veteran project manager. Ideas are ideas no matter where they come from and if it will make our games more fun, we want to hear them.

Allied Games was founded in Mississauga Ontario, October 2012 by a small group excited about creating games and helping individuals break into the industry. We are actively seeking partnerships with companies and educational facilities to help smooth the transition of individuals into the industry.

Our Design Practice
Everyone gets a say in everything that comes into a project. If it’s a character concept or a spawning system, everyone’s ideas are brought together and pulled into one place. Collaborative design is the key to making a game that everyone can stand behind. Just because you are not an artist does not mean you don’t have ideas for characters. Likewise, artists are encouraged to put forward ideas about game mechanics. No matter what your discipline, your voice will be heard on any subject.

At Allied, we like to keep things relaxed. There is a general rule of thumb we use when we make our games. Make it functional, then make it pretty. If the core gameplay is not fun with placeholders, all the shiny particle effects and high-res textures in the world will not make the game fun. We find it works fairly well and you would be hard pressed not to find some stick drawings in the office or roughed out character / interface designs.