Shadow Heroes Now In Early Access

After a lot of blood, sweat and coffee (more than is healthy, I’m told) I am happy to announce that Shadow Heroes is being released for Early Access!

Is it still Alpha?

Absolutely! Most of our time has gone into making the core code, which we want to be rock-solid so we can support all the updates to come. We’re trying to build a strong base for the future, rather than to cut corners to release a sub-par Alpha. We feel that’s the best path for delivering for the overall vision of Shadow Heroes.

So while the core game is getting pretty solid, there’s still a pretty limited amount of player-facing features. Here’s what’s in the Alpha:

  • 12 Unique Items with active and passive versions of each.
  • Items upgrading  with the 12 different items each with 11 tiers
  • 9 Different units
  • 5 Levels of difficulty that will help you progress through the game
  • 1 Game mode. 1v1 Commanders. Take out the enemy commander to win!
  • Multiplayer support and basic match making.
  • Lots of little bugs, animation glitches, and UI annoyances, and much much more!

As our first public Alpha release, there are lots of small bugs, but here are some high profile ones that you might run into and are high on our list to fix.

  • The UI layout does not function correctly on small resolutions
  • Spirits possess the same unit and are a bit unbalanced.
  • Tool tips snap into place

How to Give Feedback

Please send your feedback and bug reports to us via the in game menu. These will be posted directly to our Jira server. You can also post on our subreddit. We will be monitoring posts there closely, so please do start up some discussions and let us know your thoughts! You may also leave feedback and suggestions on our steam hub discussions.

Coming Next

While we know the Shadow Heroes Alpha isn’t a full game yet, because we’re in a good place with the core systems, we are ready to start pumping out gameplay. So the good news is that you can expect the Alpha to be regularly, updated with bug fixes, unit balancing and new features like multiplayer factions, game modes and levels.

Because of our (ridiculously) small team,  we are able to move quickly and address your concerns right away. That’s why we try to have patches every Friday.

While we still have a long way to go, this is a huge milestone for Allied Games. There is a huge story to tell about all the nations of Hendrika and we can’t wait to share it all with you!

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